Cati Ceiling Automatic Shading Systems

Roof Ceiling Automatic Shading Systems

Can be used in homes and workplaces roof ceilingautomatic shading systems exhibit superior performance in protecting living spaces and leading a comfortable life. Keeping up with seasonal conditions modern and clothed in the fields as a strong system shading systemsIt brings fresh, breathing comfort to spaces. Glass and aluminum shading systems, which combine powerful functions, are offered in types suitable for the type and size of each area. Modern comfort is provided in comfort areas by offering the most appropriate solution to protect the area and reveal its light.

Roof ceiling shading Panels specially designed for the process help keep the harmful effects of the day out and comfort and spaciousness inside. It has a simplicity that reflects the peaceful joy of nature to the users with the glass panels used in the areas. In this way, a protected, filtered fluidity is achieved between the interior and exterior spaces. Superior performance details are among the most prominent features of the opening-closing mechanism. This makes it easier to quickly capture every detail of weather conditions and keep up with the flow of time.

Advantages of Insulated & Non-Insulated Roof Ceiling Shading Systems

insulated and uninsulated options are offered. automatic pine panelsIt is reinforced with aluminum details and offers complete protection to the area. Different usage module options are also available among the usage options of the special design. Designs that appeal to every taste and use include guillotine vertical automatic glass, sliding system glass,hebeschiebe system, folding glass balcony and roof ceiling automatic closing systems are among the professional details offered. The skilful system, which helps strengthen the usage area and establish a comfortable space, is preferred as the star of the hearts and the perfect insulation of the areas with its elegant lines and nobility.

Designed to meet the needs of many areas of use roof ceiling automatic system It can be detailed with a number of integrated systems that would be appropriate to accompany it.

  • Fixed Aluminum Sandwich Panel Ceiling System
  • Movable Retractable Aluminum Sandwich Panel Ceiling System
  • Movable Retractable Polycarbonate Ceiling System
  • Movable Opening / Closing Glass Ceiling System
  • Fixed Pergola System
  • Movable Pergola System
  • Rolling Roof Retractable Aluminum Panel System
  • Bioclimatic Retractable Aluminum Panel System
  • Zip Curtain System

The choices presented are a professional choice to reflect the modernity and stylish stance of the living space. It is possible to adapt modern touches to interior comfort with the design that is preferred in the preparation of different taste-specific projects. It is possible to add simplicity and fluidity to the decoration with the glass panel system, which provides the mobility and vitality of the buildings for a comfort, modernity and elegance experience above the standards.

Roof and Ceiling Shading Architectural Systems that Add Mobility to Buildings

Having living spaces integrated with nature, architectures mobilize structures, modern-to build stylish comfort spaces roof & ceiling automatic shading systems provide an ultra-professional service…

It brings elegant touches to usage areas and adds an ultra-luxury comfort experience to living spaces and business areas with modern reflections. The design, produced with superior details that bring awareness to the decorations of living spaces and stylish lines that reflect elegance, brings movement to the architecture of the buildings in the establishment of modern areas that appeal to the eye and soul.

Designed to be compatible with all areas and all seasons, the panels are created from the combination of simple, strong connections between the two, which gives strength to the glass texture with its aluminum coating around it. Since the sky theme of living spaces varies at every hour of the day, the opportunity to capture the fluidity of time at any time is obtained with glass shading systems. . While its simple lines reflect the beauty of the landscape to the modernity of the decorations, it leaves its natural melodies in the spacious details of the outdoor area. Each raindrop hitting the panel reflects its peace into the interior space. This makes the biggest contribution to the formation of areas with high aura.

Roof ceiling that evokes peace with modern touches in the decoration of all areas pine shading systems It has strong emphasis on capturing relaxing details.

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