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Pergoall Automatic Pergola Awning Create Comfortable and Stylish Spaces

pergola awning systems are a special solution designed for use in open areas. These systems are generally used in places such as gardens, terraces and restaurants. But they are flexible enough to be used anywhere. Automatic pergola awning is the most advanced version of these systems. Automatic pergola awning systems It provides comfort and ease of use to the user. They can be controlled with the push of a button or via an app.

automatic pergola awning The main feature of their systems is their ability to block the sun's rays, rain or wind. They also allow their users to experience more of the outdoors. While these systems give the area a modern and aesthetic appearance, they also expand the usage area.

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What is Pergola Awning?


pergola awning It is a structure usually made of wood, aluminum or steel, usually covered and shading a large area. It is used to protect from sunlight in outdoor areas and to create a relaxation area. Pergola awning systems make it possible to protect from sunlight and spend more time outdoors.

It provides the opportunity to use outdoor spaces, especially during summer months, even during peak sun rays. pergola awning systems offer a comfortable living space in all weather conditions. These systems, in addition to their aesthetic appearance, also offer their users a functional living space.

What is the Use of Automatic Pergola Awning?

automatic pergola awningoffers many more advantages compared to manual pergola systems. These systems give users complete control over weather conditions such as sunlight, rain and wind. Users can increase their comfort outdoors with this control provided by automatic systems.

automatic pergola awning systems provide protection against all weather conditions and also increase the energy efficiency of the space. It reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. These features save energy for users and increase the comfort of living spaces.

Pergola Awning Systems

Pergola awning systems are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. But each offers unique benefits to its users. Pergola awning systems It offers both an aesthetic appearance and is functional. These systems provide a comfortable living space in all weather conditions.

Pergola awning systems are generally made of wood, aluminum or steel materials. Each offers a unique experience to its users. Pergola awning systems It expands the use of space and increases the comfort of the living space.

Pergola Awning Models

pergoalldesigns various pergola awning models to make its customers' dreams come true. It is possible to find a model to suit every taste with different material and design options. pergoall Pergola awning models attract attention with their modern design and quality materials.

pergoall pergola awning models offer a comfortable living space to their users. These models enable greater use of outdoor spaces and increase the comfort of the living space. Moreover, pergoall pergola awning models provide protection against all kinds of weather conditions.

Automatic Pergola Awning Systems Prices


Automatic pergola awning systems Prices vary depending on the model's features, dimensions and material quality. pergoalloffers various price options to its customers. Various automatic pergola awning models are available to suit different budgets.

You can get more information about automatic pergola awning systems and get a special offer by contacting Pergoall. Pergoall aims to offer its customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices. Automatic pergola awning systems Contact Pergoall to get more information about their prices.

  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Winter garden
  • Garden Floor Residence
  • Swimming pool
  • Terrace
  • thermal insulation
  • sound insulation
  • sun protection
  • wind protection
  • uninterrupted landscape
  • automatic use
  • Ventilation
  • Freedom and comfort



  • A specially produced German timing belt system is used for the tensioner.
  • Resistant to high winds and bad weather conditions
  • %100 sızdırmalık sağlayan fitil sistemi.
  • Desired color options with electrostatic powder paint
  • Easy and convenient use with remote control
  • Aesthetic, comfortable and modern building elements
  • All connection screws, bolts and pins used in the system are stainless INOX.
  • Guaranteed products and services.

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