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Pool closure systems

Pool Closure Systems

Pool closure systemsoffers excellent solutions that make the pool in your home garden more functional and useful. These systems, which allow you to enjoy the pool in every season, have many advantages:

Season Independent Use: Pool closure systems Thanks to this, you can use your pool four seasons of the year. You can enjoy an indoor pool even during the cold winter months.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: Pool closure facilitates cleaning and maintenance processes by preventing leaves, dust and other external factors from entering the pool. Your pool always remains clean and well-maintained.

Heat Preservation: It saves energy by maintaining the temperature of your pool. Pool closure systems minimize heat loss from the water and reduce your heating costs.

Security: Pool closure systemshelps you create a safe space, especially for your children. When your pool is closed, you prevent unwanted accidents.

Aesthetic look: Pool closure systemsadds value to your garden and pool area with its aesthetic designs. It brings elegance and elegance to the space with its different colors and models.

Pool Closure Systems Models

Pool closure systemsoffers solutions suitable for all kinds of places and needs with its different models. Here are some popular pool closure systems models:

Sliding Pool Closure Systems: This system, which stands out with its aesthetic appearance and ease of use, protects the pool with retractable glass panels. You can adapt to seasonal changes by closing your pool whenever you want.

Telescopic Pool Closing Systems: Thanks to their telescopic structure, you can cover your pool partially or completely. They offer the option to open and close depending on your wishes, so you can organize your pool according to different weather conditions.

Flat Ceiling Pool Closure Systems: Flat ceiling systems that completely cover your pool with their elegant designs make it possible to isolate your pool and save energy.

Domed Pool Closure Systems: Offering a unique and aesthetic appearance, domed systems move your pool into a greenhouse and reflect natural light into the interior. While creating a spacious environment, it provides protection against external factors.

Veranda Closing Systems Technical Information

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Pergoall Pool Covering Systems: Meeting of Aesthetics and Functionality

The need for pool owners to use their pools regardless of seasonal conditions and to create a safe area at the same time is increasing. At this point, Pergoall Pool Closure Systems offer a solution that stands out with its aesthetic design and high functionality. These systems, designed with both pool owners' pleasure and safety in mind, meet the needs of modern life.

Features of Pergoall Pool Closure Systems

Pergoall Pool Closure Systems have many advantages in terms of special design and functionality. Here are the features of these systems:

Aesthetic Design and Customization: Pergoall offers pool owners customization options that suit the overall appearance of the pool environment and the architecture of the house. These systems, which can be customized with different colors and materials, contribute to the aesthetics of the space.

Safety Mechanisms: The pool area can pose a potential danger, especially for children and pets. Pergoall Pool Closure Systems minimize this risk thanks to their security mechanisms. It provides a safe environment even when closed.

Energy Saving: Pergoall systems save water and energy by reducing water evaporation of the indoor pool. It also offers an environmentally friendly approach by reducing the amount of chemicals used to clean water.

Season Independent Use: Thanks to Pergoall Pool Closure Systems, your pool is no longer dependent on seasonal conditions. You can use it comfortably in both summer and winter.

Advantages of Pergoall Pool Closure Systems

Aesthetic Design: Design options that adapt to the surroundings of your pool.
Security: Provides a safe area even when the pool is closed.
Energy Saving: Reduces energy costs by reducing water evaporation.
Season Independent Use: Provides the opportunity to use the pool throughout the year.
As a result, Pergoall Pool Closure Systems are a solution that stands out with its aesthetic design, security measures, energy saving and season-independent use advantages. It meets the needs of modern life by offering both an aesthetic appearance and practical use to pool owners. With Pergoall Pool Closure Systems, pools become a pleasant and safe place not only in summer but at all times of the year. These systems provide a pool experience that is both visually pleasing and functional.

  • Garden
  • Cafe, Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • House
  • Office
  • Winter garden systems can be customized to suit your every need.
  • Winter garden systems have a design that prevents the cold of houses, offices and gardens.
  • You can enjoy the rain while sipping your hot coffee in your garden. We can say that it is an area designed for this.
  • Whatever the season, the elaborate oasis of exotic plants invites you to take a tour among the greenery.
  • Customizable Features.
  • It can be applied as Fixed Glass Ceiling, Fixed Pergola Ceiling, Fixed Aluminum Panel.
  • It can be applied as Movable Glass Ceiling, Automatic Pergola Ceiling, Automatic Rolling Roof Aluminum Panel Ceiling.
  • Sliding joinery, folding glass balcony, guillotine glass and windbreak systems can be applied on side facades.
  • Mosquito Nets and Zip Screens can be integrated.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Accessories are Stainless and Inox.
  • Windows with high levels of thermal insulation save energy.
  • A wide range of mechanisms, glazing slats and levers provide room for creativity.





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Winter Garden & Sunroom systems are systems that can provide automatic opening and closing features to your home, villa, summer house, office, cafe, restaurant, hotel and shopping mall when the weather conditions are not suitable. The design and selection of systems are tailored to your wishes.
Veranda Closing Systems are systems that provide indoor comfort and outdoor spaciousness when there are no suitable weather conditions, and can be applied to many architectures such as your home, villa, summer house, office, cafe, restaurant, etc., hotel, shopping mall open areas, and provide automatic opening and closing feature.
Terrace Covering Systems can be made as desired: flat, one-way slope, gable roof, oval, etc. It can be applied to many types of architecture such as houses, summer houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shopping mall open areas. We produce it as fixed or controlled automatic opening and closing.
Depending on the unsuitable weather conditions of your cafe and restaurant gardens; Provide maximum comfort to your customers. Roof & Ceiling Automatic Systems and/or systems that allow the side parts to be closed with a single button.
Roof louvering systems are systems with seasonal features that can be applied to many architectures such as houses, villas, summer houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shopping mall open areas when there are not suitable weather conditions.
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