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Bioclimatic / Rolling Roof / Biotild Folding Roof Systems

Pergoall Bioclimatic Folding roof aluminum panel system is among the modern winter garden and terrace closing systems. This system works thanks to the linear actuators located on the side mechanical parts. Features of the Bioclimatic folding roof system are:


1. Aluminum panel structure: Bioclimatic folding roof system is made of lightweight and durable aluminum panels. These panels are resistant to UV rays, rain and other weather conditions.


2. Linear actuators: Thanks to the linear actuators located on the side mechanical parts, the panels are placed in a 90-degree vertical position. In this way, ventilation is provided.


3. Motor mechanism: Thanks to the motor mechanism that gives the second movement to collect the panels, the panels are collected and a spacious sky is provided.

a) Thermal insulation: Bioclimatic folding roof systems are produced using high quality materials and, if desired, insulation can be provided by squeezing foam into them. Therefore, the thermal insulation of the systems is quite high.

b)Automatic control: Bioclimatic folding roof systems are equipped with automatic control systems. In this way, users can easily turn their systems on and off. They can position it wherever they want.

4. Bioclimatic folding roof aluminum panel system is one of the most innovative and functional options among modern winter garden and terrace covering systems.

Pergoall Rolling Roof:  This system, also called folding roof or aluminum panel system, makes the opening movement by gathering together while opening, thanks to the scissors on its side mechanical parts. This system is often used to cover open areas such as verandas, terraces or winter gardens.

a) Features of rolling roof systems are as follows:


b)Durable material: Rolling roof systems are generally produced from durable materials such as aluminum and are designed with high quality so that they can be used for a long time.


c) Easy to use: These systems are easy to use and can move quickly when opening and closing. A remote control or motor is often used to control the system.


d) Customizable: Rolling roof systems can be produced in various sizes and dimensions. Therefore, they can be designed to fit the dimensions of any open space.


e) Thermal insulation: The system can provide thermal insulation according to the panel thickness and by squeezing the foam. Thicker panels provide more thermal insulation.


f) Water and windproof: Rolling roof systems have water and windproof properties, so they can be used even in rainy or windy weather.


g) Rolling roof systems are an excellent option for making open areas closed. These systems are easy to use, durable and customizable. Additionally, it provides thermal insulation and has water and windproof properties.

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  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Winter garden
  • Garden Floor Residence
  • Swimming pool
  • Terrace
  • The Rolling Roof system offers a combination of folding and retracting features that no other sunroof system in the world can achieve together.
  • The 38cm wide panels used as ceiling covering material in the Rolling Roof system rotate around their own axis and perform the folding movement. After the folding movement is completed, the aluminum panels are folded back, creating a full open ceiling area.
  • The wall thickness of the aluminum panels used in the Rolling Roof system consists of 2 mm, the main stream profile wall thickness is 4 mm and the upper rail profile consists of 5 mm aluminum material.
  • Rolling Roof sunroof system works with water discharge logic. The precipitation falling on the aluminum panels is transferred to the main stream profile thanks to the stream on the panels and is discharged from the main stream profile to the outside area. There is a guarantee of not getting water.
  • Rolling Roof system is installed without the need for carrier steel construction.
  • All types of interior lighting and heating systems can be adapted to the Rolling Roof sunroof system.
  • Rolling Roof sunroof system can be installed as a single unit up to 8 meters. There is no length limitation as more than one unit can be made in longer sizes.
  • The system operates with a slope of at least % 5.
  • A single unit can be built on an area of up to 50 m2.
  • Rainwater is filtered through the grooves in the panel.
  • Waterproof.
  • Epdm gasket is used in the system.
  • The system can be built as a single unit up to 8 meters wide, and by adding several units, unlimited shade of the area can be added.
  • Horizontal load-bearing columns of the system should be placed every 300 cm.
  • All profiles and accessories are stainless.
  • Load-bearing profiles are 100 * 100 * 4 mm and 60 * 120 * 4 mm. Steel construction is not required.
  • The system can be mounted on any unstable surface; The columns are adjustable and the system works properly.
  • Spare parts have a 2-year warranty.

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