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Pergoall Automatic Sectional and Photocell Doors: Create Comfortable and Stylish Spaces

Pergoall Automatic Sectional and Photocell Doors The materials used for indoor and outdoor applications differ. Photocell door systems are the most suitable solutions for entrances and exits. It minimizes time loss with its fast startup feature. In photocell systems, sliding doors can be designed to suit the space in different alternatives with automatic detection. Contact us to get more details about Automatic Entrance Doors. contact You can pass.

  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Winter garden
  • Office
  • They are suitable solutions for the entrances and exits of areas and minimize the loss of time with their fast opening feature.
  • Saves energy
  • It provides visibility and ease of use compared to doors with fixed joinery.
  • The glasses have 8mm or 10mm tamper properties. Optionally, double glazing can be applied.
  • It provides ease of adjustment thanks to the Turkish software.
  • It is a safe system with its jam detection sensor.
  • Provides high efficiency even after 2,000,000 on/off cycles
  • It can be applied according to your wishes with many receiver sensors (motion, button, encryption, card access, etc.).

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